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Roman Blum - Master Designer / Fabricator

Roman Blum is a renowned custom motorcycle builder, and owner of RB Customs which specializes in building custom choppers. RB customs has been featured within several national magazines, including Hot Bike Magazine, in addition to being featured in the 2007 PTGTV American Bikers Series.

Custom motorcycles - Roman Blum grew up in Houston, TX and came from the urban underground culture of skateboarding and Motorcross racing. Prior to starting RB Customs in 2002, he spent several years in various aspects of the motorsports industry including, automotive customizing, parts and upholstery. RB Customs specializes in building unique, one of a kind custom choppers. You have to look "beyond the paint" to fully understand the craftsmanship that goes into one of Roman's bikes, every aspect of the bike is custom, and one of a kind. Roman personally builds every bike at RB Customs and his attention to detail is undeniable. Roman doesn't build bikes for mass production, and his bikes aren't for everyone.

Television - After evaluating thousands of potential custom bike shops in 2006, Platinum Television Group, a production company based in Florida, decided to create the next big cable chopper series, and chose RB Customs and Roman Blum as their star. The 16 week series aired in 2007 and chronicled a custom bike build over a 30 day period, with the final episode being the "reveal" in Ft. Lauderdale at a local hotspot, Automatic Slim's.

Currently, Roman is still producing of of a kind motorcycles, cars, and random pieces of art. Contact Roman for any of your Custom Build needs.

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